Latest Update Brings Doubles and More to ETS2 and ATS

Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have both been updated to version 1.28, which features new double and triple trailers. SCS Software announced in a blog post today that the open beta testing period has been completed and the new update is now available.

After several weeks of thorough testing and bug fixing, the open beta is finally over today, and we are here to release live 1.28 update for everyone. Thank you for your patience, we hope that you will enjoy this update as much as the previous ones.

Doubles and Triples

The standout feature of the new update is the ability to haul double and even triple trailers. These are geographically restricted, so in Euro Truck Simulator 2, you’ll have to venture to Scandinavia to find double trailer contracts. In American Truck Simulator, double and triple trailers are available in Nevada. This appears to be based on actual legal restrictions on double and triple trailers in those regions.

New Lighting

Alongside the new trailers, players will now be able to customize the background image of their home screen. Lighting has also received a massive overhaul, making lights and reflections more realistic. SCS Software has a detailed write-up on these changes, if you’re interested.

Latest Update Brings Doubles and More to ETS2 and ATS

Revamped DAF XF 2017

There are other minor tweaks that were made in this update, but one worth mentioning is the graphical overhaul of the DAF XF 2017 truck. It’s received a nice face lift to bring it more in line with the actual model.

Latest Update Brings Doubles and More to ETS2 and ATS

The update is now available on Steam and will be available to owners of the non-Steam legacy version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the coming days. Happy trucking!

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