Get Ready for Destiny 2 with the Companion App

Bungie’s Destiny Companion App has been a steadfast tool of any Guardian worth their salt and that won’t change with Destiny 2. The app has already been updated and is available for Android and iOS devices. Until the game goes live, the app lacks most of its functionality, but the release of Destiny 2 is only mere hours away now.

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What does it do?

Perhaps the most useful functionality in the Destiny Companion App is the ability to manage your characters’ gear. Not only can you see how each of your Guardian’s loadout is configured, you can also move items quickly from one character to another, or in and out of the Vault. This can be a tremendous time saver, especially when you’re in the middle of a Nightfall and really wish you had access to that rocket launcher. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until Bungie unlocks this functionality for Destiny 2. At the moment we just get a lovely “Coming Soon” message.

Another feature still locked behind the release deadline is the Progress tab, which lets you keep track of what weekly events you’ve completed and what’s left outstanding. This is a great way to ensure you max out all the best possible rewards on a weekly basis. It’ll be key to reaching the max power level as soon as possible and getting the best chances at the best gear.

Get Ready for Destiny 2 with the Companion App

The Companion App is also great for keeping up to date with the latest developments, both with news from Bungie and the community, as well as your Destiny 2 clan. A new Clan Chat tab aims to allow players to keep in touch with their teammates from the comfort of their phone. You know that means that raids will now be set up from the toilet. That’s just a fact of life.

Get Ready for Destiny 2 with the Companion App Get Ready for Destiny 2 with the Companion App


Bungie is putting a lot of emphasis on collaboration in Destiny 2. After realizing that only a very small percentage of players was able to enjoy the end game content in Destiny, they are focusing their efforts on bringing the community together to help each other out. The Companion App offers a Recruitment tab that aims to make it easy for players to find other groups. Think of it as the official Looking For Group feature for Destiny 2.

Get Ready for Destiny 2 with the Companion App Get Ready for Destiny 2 with the Companion App

You should expect another update to the Destiny Companion App shortly after Destiny 2 unlocks in your area. We strongly suggest you make good use of the app. Don’t be the guy that makes the entire fireteam head back to The Farm just to grab a new helmet.

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