Climbing and Vaulting Hits PUBG in November

Climbing and vaulting is coming to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Originally announced at E3 this year, developers Bluehole Studio have now confirmed it should arrive in the game in November. It will begin with public testing first and the devs have advised the feature will take extra test time.

PUBG Parkour

Climbing and vaulting look like they will add an additional tactical dimension to the game. The system should allow players to engage enemies and cross terrain in new ways. We have seen players do some pretty amazing things with cars already, and I can’t wait to see how this feature plays out. The animations also look smooth, which is vital in a battle royal shooter like PUBG.

Bluehole gave an “update in progress” as part of a Steam post today.

We are aware that many players have been looking forward to trying it out. Our Action and Gunplay Lead Pawel Smolewski has addressed this in his interview but there are some challenges to introducing the feature as soon as people are requesting. First of all, our vaulting system is not built on predefined objects or locations in the map. There are tens of thousands of objects that should be vaultable or climbable in Erangel. To perform the action, the geometry and properties of each object have to be dynamically detected and analyzed. The algorithm is quite complex and requires rigorous testing and fine-tuning of the map. Testing it for only a couple of days before deployment on the Live servers won’t be enough for us to identify all bugs and side effects. Therefore, we are planning to test it for a longer period of time in early November. If needed, we may roll it out on test servers for a certain amount of time even before November. Until then, we will be working on the feature internally. Please stay tuned for an update on the testing schedules for vaulting.

The posting also lists many changes that are coming to the game with its most recent patch. These include improved performance for low end PCs , the addition of foggy weather, a new town, and many more.

The developers still expect the game to leave Early Access by the end of 2017.

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