Codemasters: F1 2010 sold more than 2 million units worldwide

Codemasters has just announced that F1 2010 surpassed every expectations, as it sold more than two million units globally, with 540K units sold in United Kindom alone.

F1 2010 box art

Andy Gray, Communication Manager said, “It’s fair to say that it surpassed expectations,”

“Hopefully we’ll keep this up for this year’s game.”

Gary went to said that the feat achieved by F1 2010 is even more impressive given the challenges of reaching the target audience.

“There is a disconnect between the games market for games and that of F1 – although the sport itself is attracting a younger audience now,”

“There was also a perception that F1 was in freefall as a games franchise as sales of the Sony titles had tailed off over the years.

“We have some cool things up our sleeve [this year]. We have learnt a great deal in the couple of years we have been working with the licence which can only benefit the game.”

The next game in the franchise F1 2011 is schedule to release on September 29 for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and NGP, check out the official box art of it HERE.

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