Destiny 2's Next DLC is Called Warmind and Launches on May 8


Bungie has been hard at work trying to right the sinking ship that is Destiny 2. In its latest Development Roadmap update, the team is lays out its plans covering the rest of the calendar year and announces the title and release date of the next major DLC. Warmind will be released on May 8th as part of the beginning of Season 3.

Warmind Release Date

While the Development Roadmap update does not go into details of what the Warmind DLC will entail exactly, it does promise new enemies, new places and, of course, new loot.

On May 8, with the beginning of Season Three, we’re also launching the second expansion to Destiny 2. It’s called Warmind, and it will send you to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies. You’ll earn new loot and master new activities. Today, we’re naming it and dating it. You’ll learn more in a reveal stream on April 24.

The theme of the DLC is clearly focused on the Warminds that are deeply connected to one of my favorite areas of Destiny‘s lore. This also confirms many previous speculations and leaks, including lending perhaps some credence to fake leaks in the past. Rest assured that once more information is revealed by Bungie on April 24th, we here at TL;DR Games will be all over it. Personally, this DLC is the reason I’ve been waiting for to get back into Destiny 2. I feel like I’m not alone in that.

Development Roadmap Update

Destiny 2's Next DLC is Called Warmind and Launches on May 8
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Alongside the new DLC, Bungie will kick off Season 3 on May 8th. The 1.2.0 version of Destiny 2 is scheduled to bring with it updates to crucible, private matches, finally increase Guardians’ vault space, add multi-emote support, and several other new features. All crucible maps, including those that are part of the Curse of Osiris DLC, will be made free for all Destiny 2 players.

Bungie has also extended out the roadmap to cover the remainder of 2018, adding a Season 4 section scheduled for sometime this September. The item that stands out to me the most is the Gear Collections entry. This is something we have kicked around internally at TL;DR Games many times and it would be an instant hit if Bungie allowed Guardians to display their hard-earned gear. Time will tell if we see this come to fruition.

For now, today’s announcement gives this particular Guardian something to look forward to on May 8th! Until then, why not brush up on your Destiny 2 knowledge by visiting our Guide Hub.

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