Destiny 2 - Where Is Xur for April 13, 2018?

Xur On Nesus

Friday is Xur day. The mysterious vendor from parts unknown arrives in Destiny 2 with new and exciting loot. Let’s see what he has for us this week.

Where is Xur?

You can find Xur hanging out on Nessus.

Nessus Map
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What is Xur selling?

Once again, Xur is selling three armor pieces, one for each of the three classes in Destiny 2. Xur is also carrying the Three of Coins, as well as my personal favorite, the Fated Engram. You can find a complete list of what Xur is selling below.

Riskrunner – Submachine Gun

RiskrunnerTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Doom Fang Pauldron – Titan Gauntlets

Doom Fang Pauldron
Doomfang PauldronTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Wings of Sacred Dawn – Warlock Chest Armor

Wings of Sacred Dawn
Wings of Sacred DawnTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Gemini Jester – Hunter Leg Armor

Gemini Jester
Gemini JesterTL;DR Games • Fair Use

What Should You Buy?

For the longest time Riskrunner was really the only gun I used in Destiny 2. Being an Arc class aficionado, I would simply proc the weapon with my own grenades, then set about absolutely melting groups of enemies. It has been nerfed since, but is still worth a look for those who have been afraid to get risky until now. Doom Fang Pauldron, while sounding like a death metal band, is actually pretty decent for Void Titans. You can get some nice returns from its perk of speeding up ability charge rates. Wings of Sacred Dawn is worth it for the extended duration buff, but not at all for the hovering in mid air bit. It’s a good way to get shot in the face though. Finally, Gemini Jester plays well into the idea of Hunters being a little bit mischievous. Dodging close to enemies will switch off their radar, immense fun when paired with invisibility.

We’ll be back next week with the location of Xur in Destiny 2, but until then you should visit the TL;DR Games Destiny 2 Guide Hub. It’s one of the best sources of Destiny 2 content you’ll find on the internet.

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