Days Gone Finally Has A Release Date

Days Gone

If feels like forever ago since we first got a glimpse of Days Gone. All the way back at E3 2016 is the first time we saw it. Looking back, this is actually impressive as the game had only been in development for a year at that point. Coming from Bend Studios, the people behind Siphon Filter, the game now has a release date for February 22, 2019.

Days Gone is an action based survival game that is a set in a post-apocalyptic open world. You play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunting biker, who spends his life on the road. Set two years after a global event which killed most of the population, those that didn’t die are left to deal with the zombie-like creatures that rose up as a result of the pandemic. The game also possess a day and night cycle, which will alter the behavior of enemies and force an element of tactical decision making.

I kind of hate E3 week because it either shows me new games to be excited about, or reminds me why I was excited about games I have already seen. This is certainly one of them. While both open worlds, and zombies, are not exactly new concepts, I do firmly believe there is a lot of room for a talented studio to work with these two things. I’m hoping for some tough decision making, and some deep and emotionally stirring narrative on this one. I will be a little disappointed if it is just the same old “kill zombies, don’t think” gameplay we have seen from so many other titles.

Days Gone will release on February 22, 2019, exclusively for PS4.

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