Astroneer Reveals 1.0 Release Date on Inside Xbox

The Astroneer team was part of the Inside Xbox show at E3 today and released some exciting news as part of a trailer they shared. While you should definitely watch the trailer, embedded below, let me spoil the ending for you: Astroneer will officially release this December!

Astroneer has spent the past two years in early access and has been well received, not only here at TL;DR Games, but also in the gaming community in general. The co-op oriented space exploring sandbox game that has you sucking up a variety of materials and transform them into building blocks, vehicles, and more for your base, will graduate to full release status this December.

But that’s not all. Following the mantra of “play anywhere” that Microsoft has heavily focused on this E3 season, Astroneer will support cross-play between Xbox One and PC. Furthermore, the team at System Era Softworks are currently hard at work at implementing some more goal-oriented gameplay features.

“We still are, at our core, a sandbox game where players can create and play how they want, but we feel that having goals to work on with friends are a great addition to Astroneer,” says Joe Tirado, Communications wizard extraordinaire at System Era.

We’ll report more details about these new features as well as a more exact release date as they become available.

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