Fortnite is Now Also Available on the Nintendo Switch

Fortnite Switch

When I first heard that Fortnite was going to support cross-play between console and PC gamers, I worried about the console gamers’ ability to compete. Then Epic Games released Fortnite on mobile devices, also supporting cross-play with the more powerful consoles and PCs. Memes were born out of the hilarity that is stumbling across someone like myself trying the game on an iPhone.

Fast-forward a few months and it’s E3 2018 and everyone is soaking in the new announcements, teasers, and trailers. Not to be left out, Epic Games has now announced that Fortnite is available on the Nintendo Switch, right now.

I can personally vouch for the popularity of Fortnite as the Epic Games booth at E3 has been one of the busiest ones I’ve come across. This popularity can only stand to grow with the addition of thousands of Nintendo Switch owners, many of whom may already be playing this battle royale phenomenon but can now take it on the road.

So, where does the Nintendo Switch version stack up compared to the PC, consoles, or mobile devices? Probably somewhere near the consoles, but you can find out for yourself, because as always, Fortnite is available free of charge from the Nintendo eShop.

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