TennoCon 2018 Revealed Warframe's Bright Future


Warframe has been my favorite online game for years now. I bought it as a Founder, and I have been playing through the many ups and occasional downs that the game has had since then. I have logged thousands of hours into it, with no real sign of stopping. The reason I don’t stop is that content keeps coming, for free, to this excellent free game.

Digital Extremes, the game’s developer, organizes a convention every year to meet up with fans and celebrate the game and its community. We also get to glimpse the new content that is on the horizon. This year, Digital Extremes dropped all kinds of exciting new content on us, and it all looks set to bring Warframe to the next level.

Fortuna is a new open world area filled with all kinds of missions and enemies, five times the size of the Plains of Ediolon. There will be ship to ship fighting, with multi-person crews, as well as the ability to seamlessly board enemy ships for close quarters combat and daring space raids. The new social space will allow players to build Zaw guns, modular weapons that can be altered to suit the players who are creating them. There will be hoverboards, that most 80’s of promises finally brought to life.

For all the details, I would strongly advise you to watch the video above, the gameplay reveal of all the new stuff looks fantastic. This all appears like a well-timed shot at games like Destiny, and Bioware’s upcoming Anthem. Warframe has been here longer and wants to let people know that they are still pushing forward with their vision for the game.

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