No Man's Sky's NEXT Patchnotes Are Rather Substantial

No Man's Sky

The NEXT update for No Man’s Sky is out today, and with it come the patch notes. It’s a long read, and a lot of people are interested because the Hello Games website appears to be down. Thankfully, there is always a hero during dark times. Today, our hero is Reddit user u/MyFootonFire who managed to get all the patch notes into some comments on Reddit.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Patchnotes from Games

The changes being made to the game with this update are far-reaching, covering everything from the introduction of a third person mode, to expanded base building, multiplayer, and changes to the graphics and planet generation. For a start, the game will now generate empty systems, something that only makes sense. It was somewhat of a mood killer to land on every planet and discover that someone had always been there before you.

Graphically, the developers are introducing improved fog and increased draw distance. How the planet surface renders from space has been improved, along with a new color mapping system to create more varied and atmospheric visuals.

How plants and animals are generated and behave, has also been changed up. The creatures have improved pathfinding, their potential size has been increased, new hazardous flora and fauna have been introduced, and a new system is in place that should generate creatures that look more suitable for their role.

If you would like to read the full patch notes make sure you take a look at the Reddit thread linked above. I have to say, No Man’s Sky does seem to be shaping up to the be the game that had so much early promise, but it remains to be seen if two years after launch is a length of time that people were willing to wait.

I’ll be loading up the game later to have some fun exploring, and to witness all the changes in action, will you be joining me?

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