No Man's Sky Gets New Content in Visions Update

Visions Flora

No Man’s Sky has had one of the most dubious and tumultuous launches of any game in recent memory, but to Hello Games’ credit, continued development and free updates have turned No Man’s Sky into a much more enjoyable game. After the recent Next update, a boatload of new content was just added in the Visions update.

The Visions update, officially version 1.75 of No Man’s Sky, introduces several changes and additions to the world players are living in. New planetary biomes and more colorful flora and fauna are intended to inject additional variety and spice into the universe. Along with these new beautiful locations, come new and strangely terrifying creatures and other inhabitants of these planets.

No Man's Sky Gets New Content in Visions Update

Not only are planets now more colorful and varied, but they offer more lush variations of grasslands and shades of skies that will set them apart from each other. It’s no small task to keep a vast universe looking unique, but the additions should help reduce the level of blandness that players had to deal with in the past. There will even be new water worlds and more advanced weather systems, including rainbows.

No Man's Sky Gets New Content in Visions Update
Visions Trophies • Hello Games • Fair Use

Exotic planets can be searched to discover mysterious artifacts which can be claimed as trophies, giving players yet another goal to pursue. These strange objects can be rehoused in habitable bases to create a showcase of your voyages across the universe.

For a full list of new additions and gameplay mechanics, including salvageable scrap and new shared community missions, check out the official release details.

The Visions update for No Man’s Sky is now available free of charge on all platforms.

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