Bethesda Makes Another Misstep With Fallout 76 Limited Edition

Fallout 76

Things have been a little rough for Bethesda with regard to Fallout 76. Reviews scores are low, extremely low for a game of its pedigree. Players are reporting a lot of bugs, and not much evidence of the “sixteen times” more detail that they were promised. To put yet another spanner in the works, people who purchased the Power Armor Edition also reported that the product had been dishonestly portrayed by Bethesda.

Instead of a nice canvas bag, as shown in the picture of the Power Armor Edition, people instead got a rather cheap and junky looking nylon bag. When they were contacted about it, Bethesda was perhaps a little dismissive, simply saying that it was down to unavailability of materials. Now, this doesn’t instantly strike me as a significant issue. I have been assured that canvas is not a massively rare thing, but I must admit I was unable to find any detailed information of the seasonal availability of canvas. The problem extends even further when Bethesda responded to an inquiry about the issue saying they “didn’t plan on doing anything about it.” If you wish to see this interesting chain of events with your own eyes, be sure the check it out, as a helpful Imgur user has made sure to chronicle the whole affair.

As a final step, after much public backlash on social media, Bethesda decided to give affected players 500 Atoms, the in-game currency used in Fallout 76. It is worth five dollars and will get you pretty much nothing at all in the game. It has all been a rather long and drawn out series of unfortunate events, but we did all learn that the apparent price differential between a nylon bag, and a sturdier canvas bag, is about five dollars. It should also be noted that, as of yet, product listings on Amazon are still telling people they will get a canvas bag.

It all just seems like a massively avoidable controversy, especially when you consider the heat coming Bethesda’s way for the game itself. The take-home lesson here is a stark reminder, don’t ever pre-order, especially not expensive Limited Editions of games. Even if you love the series it is for, and have played it ever since you were twelve. The simple truth is that publishers will continue to push the boundaries of what they can get away with until there is a clear message from consumers that lets them know they have overstepped the line. While this all happening as a result of a nylon bag might seem absurd, it is a never a wrong time to try and let the games industry know when they have messed up, and taken people for a ride.

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