First Truck Driver Gameplay Trailer Has Hit the Open Road

There will soon be some competition in the virtual trucking simulator genre as SOEDESCO is readying Truck Driver for a release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One soon. For now, they have released the first gameplay trailer showcasing what’s in store for truckers.

The trailer focuses on how players will interact with the world around them and how their jobs will improve and grow the environment they inhabit.

Meet new people

Truck Driver is all about meeting different people that could use the services of a trucker to achieve their goals. One of these people is lumberyard owner Sven, who has a hard time letting people into his life. By completing transport jobs for Sven, his trust can be earned, resulting in new jobs with different sorts of cargo. Helping him with his transport needs will visibly make his company grow bigger and bigger.

Career progress

In addition to earning respect, completing jobs also results in more money for the player. Drivers can use this money to revamp their trucks with tons of different parts, customizing the look and performance of their truck to better help clients such as Sven. By taking on jobs from Sven and other local business owners, truck drivers can also unlock lots of skills, passive, and rewards. These unlockables result in useful enhancements such as improved tire durability or the possibility to drive longer without having to rest.

Truck Driver will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as Steam. No release dates have been announced at this time.

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