Geralt of Rivia Is Heading To Monster Hunter: World


The silver-haired, double sword carrying, ladies man that you know as Geralt of Rivia is heading to Monster Hunter: World. It’s not just a weird appearance either, in the world of Monster Hunter, it will all make perfect sense. Geralt ends up traveling through a portal to this new realm because he has been asked to kill a monster. As the man says himself, that is his specialty.

I don’t even play Monster Hunter: World, but I appreciate the fact that this isn’t something they are just trying to cram into the game for no real reason. Geralt will arrive in the game in early 2019 for PS4 and Xbox players, showing up a little later for the PC crowd. There will be a unique quest line that revolves around Geralt’s presence in the world.

The update will also be free, meaning everyone who plays the game will get to partake of this new content. If you are a fan of both, and I am sure that there is a pretty strong crossover within the player base, then this has to be a good news day for you.

I bounced off Monster Hunter: World pretty hard during the beta, but that may have just been the game’s early nature, and the fact that I don’t enjoy playing that many games on a console. I am sorry for my snobbery, but if I can play a game on PC instead, then I will do just that. Perhaps Geralt will be enough to tempt me into giving the game a whirl on PC, as I do have a terrible soft spot for the man.

Oh, and I almost forgot, if you were worried about how the voice work may go, all the original voice actors for Geralt will be recording his dialogue for their relevant regions, which is an excellent move by the developers. It would be impossible to imagine some new, strange voice coming out of Geralt’s mouth. So, reader, are you excited for more adventures with the most famous of Witchers?

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