The Long Dark Redux and December Update Are Now Live

The Long Dark Redux

Listen up, Survivors! It’s time to take another run, or continue your epic survival story, in The Long Dark. Hinterland Studios has released the December update, which includes the remastered versions of Episode One and Episode Two of Wintermute, the single-player story mode of The Long Dark.

The main attraction of the December update is the Redux of the story mode episodes. In Wintermute Redux, both episodes available so far have been remastered. All NPCs are now fully voiced and animated, there are new story moments, characters, and missions, and there is a new first-person narrative and dialogue mode.

The Survival Mode portion of The Long Dark has also received some love in the form of new challenges, craftable items, a new buff, and a reworked cooking interface.

The Long Dark Redux and December Update Are Now Live
Redux & December Update Recap • Hinterland Studios • Licensed by Owner

Be mindful that the Redux of the story missions is not compatible with previous saves due to the number of changes that were made. If you don’t want to lose any progress, be sure to finish the episode first. Hinterland Studios recommends that you replay the Redux version, though, because they’re so much improved. Survival mode saves are not affected.

We can’t wait for more information on Episode Three and future content for The Long Dark. Stay warm!

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