PSN not online in Japan due to demands from Credit Card company

Sony has restored Playstation Network (although partially) throughout the world, but not in its home country in Japan. The company till now hasn't given any indication as to when the service will be back online.

Many reports claimed that PSN is not restored in Japan due to demands from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and now thanks to Japanese news paper Asahi Shimbun daily, we came to know what those demands are from METI.

PSN logo

Credit card companies in Japan and METI wants Sony to details all the new protection measures company has taken for credit card users in Japan.

The reason for this concern of credit card companies, if a credit card is used illegally in Japan card companies would generally have to compensate its users, whereas in United States, Sony has a deal with insurance company to compensate upto 1 million dollar as damage compensate. No such deal is there in Japan.

As per our knowledge Sony till now has not provided card companies in Japan with the requested information. Sony in its response says that the company cannot rule out the possibility that credit card data has been leaked, investigation is going on to know whether it has.

Seeing the response of Sony, we can say, GOD only knows when PSN will be restore in Japan.

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