Homefront upcoming PC patch v1.0.4 details revealed

Kaos Studio has just announced on Homefront official website that the patch and for the PC version of the game and dedicated server tool are currently in testing phase and it will be released soon. However no details were revealed related to the patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game.

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Kaos wrote on Homefront official website: "We are pleased to announce that the next Homefront PC patch and dedicated server tool has entered the final phase of testing and we expect to release it within several days."

We have listed below only the new improvements, check them out:

New Server Options:

  • Increase Weapon Damage
  • Increased Weapon Recoil
  • Reduce UI Elements Shown
  • Only Squad Members on Map
  • Only Show Ally Names
  • Require Manual Weapon Reload
  • Disable Death Follow Cam
  • Force First Person Cockpits
  • Reduce Ability Effectiveness
  • Force Ace Helicopters

Dedicated Server Tool:

Improvements to the dedicated server tool UI.

Added new dedicated server settings to the tool:

  • Initial BP
  • BP earning scaling
  • Respawn delay timer
  • Idle kick time

Voting parameters:

  • Enable voting
  • Minimum players in a server before player voting is active
  • Vote pass %
  • Vote cooldown time (per user)
  • Vote duration

Check out complete patch note on Homefront official website

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