PlayStation Network Will Focus More On "Music And Video Content" From Sony

In an interview with the New York Times at CES 2019, Sony's CEO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed that the company is willing to do a better use of PlayStation Network to convey its music and video content.

According to the NYT, Yoshida "plans to use the high-profile platform to showcase Sony movies, television shows and music."

"Mr. Yoshida wants to make better use of the company’s online PlayStation Network as a way to bring Sony movies, shows and music directly to consumers," the New York Times adds.

Sony's CEO sees PSN as "a very strong entertainment platform for all of Sony — very suitable for video and music content." 

This is what is leading him to go deeper into his position about PlayStation Network when it comes to integrating all the offerings by Sony in all the different fields the company is active.

As the NYT details, analysts believe that in the past "PlayStation Network managers have been hesitant to team up with their movie and music counterparts, worrying that the service’s core gamers would balk if they felt that Sony was pushing, say, family films at them."

While this has led PS4 to be the most 'for the players' console around for a while, such process is going to change in the future, at least from what we hear from Yoshida.

How this has an impact on the current structure of the Network - perhaps an integration of Sony movies with PlayStation Plus? - or the architecture itself of PS5, that still remains to be seen.

PlayStation Network Will Focus More On "Music And Video Content" From Sony

Source: ResetEra

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