Mad Box To Compete Against Sony And Microsoft, New Design Revealed

Mad Box New Design Screenshot

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell via Twitter has revealed the new design of Mad Box, the studios' own console and they are calling it as the "Most Powerful Console Ever". The initial design that was shown to the general public received a lot of negative reactions and harsh criticism. However, Ian Bell took them as a feedbacks that need to implemented as soon as possible, and here's the end result - an all-new Mad Box Design.

Mad Box New Design Screenshot

The new Mad Box design is neat, the look is very conventional but comes with some modern features such as LED RGB colors and displays. The most interesting thing of the new Mad Box Design is the "Now Playing" feature. The front of the console comes with a screen that changes color depending on the game or the app running on the console. Another good thing is that the new Mad Box design supports the horizontal and vertical orientations, and there is also a provision to wall mount it.

Take a look at the new design of the Mad Max below.





In another news, Ian Bell confirmed via Twitter that the Mad Box is going to compete against Sony and Microsoft. It is not a console that is just going to play Slightly Mad Studios' games.

In short, there is a new player in the next-gen console war, MAD BOX from Slightly Mad Studios.

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