The Detective Pikachu movie is getting its own line of Pokémon cards

The Detective Pikachu

The Detective Pikachu movie was revealed a few months ago, and The Pokémon Company is ready to cash in on the popularity of the franchise by releasing a set of officially-licensed Pokémon cards.

The first set that's been revealed is a Special Case that will feature unique promo cards of the movie versions of the Pokémon, a metallic coin, and special booster packs based on the movie.

The Detective Pikachu

There will also be booster packs from previous Sun and Moon series sets and a binder for anyone looking to collect every card that will be available in the limited time Detective Pikachu booster pack set.

There will be three sets released in total, based around Pikachu, Charizard, and Greninja, which were the three Pokémon highlighted the most in the movie's teaser trailer.

On top of the Special Case File editions, The Pokémon Company has also teased a Collector's Chest as well that will be released later this year. That chest is packed with even more booster packs and some other Pokémon-related goodies.

For more information on everything Detective Pikachu, as well as more products coming out in the future, check out the Pokémon Website for more details.

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