Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC details

Bioware not much long ago launched a Equalizer Pack DLC for the game title Mass Effect 2 which consisted of a new and bonus armour. This DLC was for those gamers who had pre ordered the game for a total of 160 Microsoft Points. Now there is a new DLC coming out for Mass Effect 2 which is Overload DLC.

The detail of it is given out by Bioware, this Overload DLC will also going to be paid DLC and gamers ahs to shell out something form there pocket but how much not yet out. Second DLC will be consisting of five new Level based on the tale of on a same one planet. Gamers will be getting to use a Hammerhead as their transport medium for getting on to the planet and apart from this many more.

This Overload DLC Pack will be out sometime by next week and it will be fourth DLC pack for Bioware Mass Effect 2. So if you are thinknig you had done with Mass Effect 2 and had enough of it than think again.

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