Gearbox Teases More Borderland News For PAX East

Not long after possibly hinting a new Borderlands game, Gearbox Software has continued to tease more news for PAX East.

On March 12, Gearbox released an image on Twitter that seems to suggest that a new Borderlands game is coming.

The company has release several more images on Twitter, starting with this strange image of what appears to be a robot on an operating table. The tweet says it is another game tease for PAX, though it is difficult to decipher what it is supposed to be hinting at. Is it related to one of their IPs like Borderlands, or is something completely new?

A second Tweet was released the following day. Labeled as another tease for PAX, it is a very pixelated image from Borderlands 2, or what appears to be Borderlands 2. Despite how blurry the image looks, the character Maya can be made out.

While this could be another hint for a new Borderlands game, fans have also theorized that the tweet may be teasing Borderlands 2 for the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is the only major gaming console that does not have Borderlands 2, and playing Borderlands 2 on the go would be a dream come true for fans.

The third image and tweet was unveiled earlier today. The image is simply a Ampersand sign (&) layered on top of a pure black background. Whatever it could mean is pure speculation, though fans have taken the image as a sign that Gearbox will announce a pair of games at PAX, possibly remastered versions of older games like Borderlands 1.

PAX East this year will start on March 28, and Gearbox Software plans to have a panel on the first day.

Image Source: Microsoft Store

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