Sony PSP2 at E3 2010 - Rumor

Sony is thinknig of something big for the E3 event next month, if source, rumor and speculation doing the round is to be believe, Sony will unveils a PSP 2 at E3. This rumor and speculation start doing the round after two key publisher has increase a fourth quater spending for the year 2010. Reports are also doing the round that a publishers has kept on hold some of the new PSP title and waiting for announcement form SOny in this regard.

PSP has done relative well when it first came out in 2004, PSP-3000 a new third generation has also seen a mild success also and the latest in PSPgo has not live up to the expectation in the market however the officail figure is yet to come out by Sony.

However it is still a rumor and still nothing yet is out from Sony might possible they want to reveal big thing like PSP2 at big event like E3 so we just have to wait and watch

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