GTA IV Cost Microsoft $75 Million

Microsoft, it is believe that, has shell out a whooping $75 million to RockStar for getting GTA IV as an exclusive to multi

Micheal Patcher said “GTA IV was going to be a PS3 exclusive, but Microsoft paid Rockstar and Take-Two to make it a non-exclusive, and they paid them a lot,” he further continue “The number I’ve heard, and I’m sure this is right, is $75m, and that probably includes the funding for the first DLC packs too. It’s more than the $50m that people talk about.”

It is also said that Sony also wanted something exclusive from Rockstar and was inform about and told about a Zombie game but thing between them doesn't materialise and Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead came to light which resulted in scrapping of the project but still they came up with the idea of 'The Agent'. So form this we can fgure out why The Agent was kept low in terms of work on it as GTA IV at that time was not yet got finished.

How much Microsoft has paid is not the concern it will going to be a great deal for both Micrsoft and Rockstar.

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