3D Too Much Expensive At Present: Microsoft

Microsoft didn’t have any word on having a 3D technology for games on Xbox 360 or Kinect, inspite of giving many assurance in the past about the technology. So it feels that the plan for future 3D support has been put in the cooling box for sometime by Microsoft.

Microsoft UK Boss, Neil Thompsom, said, “If you look at the costs of entry into the living room and when that’s going to become mass-market, we think the offering with Kinect and the natural user-interface we’re bringing, that’s a more compelling proposition for consumers over the coming years than maybe looking at 3D at this point,”.

On the other hand there is Sony who is emphasizing in placing plenty of resource into 3D support for Playsatation 3. The risk that Microsoft has taken will paid of or not is yet to be seen in coming days and we can say that the first advantage is with Sony.