3DS XL “1:1 Pixel or Native Resolution Mode” confirmed, details revealed

Here is the third reason to buy newly announced Nintendo 3DS XL. The handheld features larger screen and also possess better battery life as compare to 3DS, but the standout feature in comparison is 1:1 Pixel Mode.

3DS XLHere is the details about 1:1 Pixel Mode of 3DS XL. When gamers play DS game on its 3DS, it does not scale perfectly due huge difference between resolutions of 3DS and DS (the exact difference figure is DS resolution: 256 x 192 and 3DS resolution: 400 x 240).

This issue won’t creep up while playing DS game on 3DS XL, since the later have perfect pixel mapping for older games all because of larger screens. In 3DS XL the dot pitch is 0.2657mm as compared to 0.1922mm of 3DS.

This dot pitch helps a lot because the higher the figure the better pixel mapping will be and better old games will look on 3DS XL.