Boowie! The strong Warrior update available!

Egg Ball announces the availability of Boowie! The strong warrior update on the AppStore. A shoot'em up in 2D with deeply polished graphics where you fight dozens of simultaneous enemies.

Be attentive to the player:

In response to players feedbacks, the Egg Ball?s team has done a lot of work to meet their expectations. Thus, over 20 new features have been added in this new version.

Improved ergonomics:

The grip of a shoot?em up being one of the most important feature, ergonomics has been completely renewed. Now, familiarising yourself with the game has never been easier. Moreover, it is possible to select the level of difficulty at the beginning of the game and save its on the exit.

Increased performances:

Loading times is 4 times faster, slowdowns in the game are fully removed (both on the iPhone and the iPod Touch), more enemies onscreen and many FX added.

A richer world:

Two types of enemies have been added. They have specific behaviors that will test the player address. Can you find the weak point of each one?

New integrated environments: The jewel mines, The Volcanic Night...

Mains features:

  • Non-stop action with big waves of enemies.
  • A progressive difficulty that will test your address.
  • An attractive and original 2D environment.
  • Share your achievements with the world, unlock success and boost your high scores online with Open Feint.

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