Steam Summer Sale Kicking Off On June 25

Steam Summer Sale Kicking Off On June 25

It looks like there's a new Steam Summer Sale on the way, and of course, it has been leaked ahead of the official reveal.

The Summer Sale will reportedly be kicking off on June 25, 2019, and will feature two weeks of discounts on PC games sold on the platform.

To be honest, I've always been waiting eagerly for Steam sales to kick off, but it's coming out of a couple of years where they proved they're not as good as in the past.

Anyway, that'll be the first big sale Valve sets up after the aggressive exclusivity deals launched by Epic Games Store.

So, it could be an element of interest for Steam to try and kind of retaliate, to grab some attention from the media and devs at the very least.

Sure enough, it'll be something we'll need to carefully look at since Epic Games Store is also rumored to be launching its very first sale since opening.

People will do comparisons, and it wouldn't be fun to have devs and publishers take advantage of the money they save from releasing on the EGS to offer better discounts.

On top of that, Epic Games Store is revealing more exclusive games at E3 2019, so it'll be a good moment to show Steam how things are done.

Will Valve try and offer something good to its user, then? We'll find out on June 25.

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