Everything That Was Announced In The Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct

We get more details for Super Mario Maker 2 in today's Nintendo Direct. We even get a release date.

In today’s Mario Maker Direct, Nintendo revealed the most information we have ever gotten for Super Mario Maker 2. They introduce new features for the game, including new items, enemies, and modes.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game about having players creating their own Mario courses. Players can share these courses with other gamers via the online options.

One of the first big new things that the Direct revealed about Mario Maker 2 is that there will be slopes. Slopes were a highly wanted featured in the original Mario Maker. Nintendo apparently listened to fans, and finally added in the slopes. However adding slopes was just the beginning of the new additions in Super Mario Maker 2.


Other new items like Snake Blocks, Seesaws, Swinging Claw, Twisters, Parachute, and many more were also announced in the direct. Snake Blocks are blocks that move in a projected direction, and players need to predict where they will go next to stay on them as they move through the course. Swinging Claw are hanging claws that players can attach themselves, and swing themselves back and forth on. They can use the momentum of the swing to jump over dangerous obstacles.

Twisters are obstacles that blow players upward, and Parachutes have enemies drop in from the sky. New sound effects are included in this game as well. There are also new course themes; you can now play on courses that take place in the Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky.

There’s a new option called Co-Op making, which allows more than one player to help create a course. There’s also a new option to have courses be auto-scroll. Auto-scroll is when the screen automatically moves, even when the player isn’t moving. If you hit the edge of the screen, you lose a life. Players are also given the option to Scroll stop, which stops the screen from moving at a specific point in the course. This disallows players to view any parts of the course further away from what the creator intended.


The biggest new addition beside slopes is probably the Angry Sun. Angry Sun is an enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3. It is literally the sun in the sky with an angry face. It constantly chases players until they finally escape its wrath. It is honestly kind of horrifying.

You can switch out the Angry Sun for the Moon. Switching into the Moon will turn the entire course into night. The Moon will also chase after Mario, but rather than taking away Mario’s life once it hits him, it instead will make all the enemies on screen disappear. You can still have courses be in Night even without the Moon.

Turning stages into night will make courses act differently, depending on the theme. Ground theme courses at night will have all Goombas float. Underground theme courses will be entirely upside down at night. Ghost House Course will be dimly lit at night. In Sky theme courses gravity will be lighter, allowing Mario to jump higher. There will be a sandstorm in Desert theme courses at night. Snow theme courses will be extra slippery, and Forest courses will replace all their water with poison liquids. Certain items will also change during night mode.


All stages are based on the styles as seen in Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U, and Super Mario 3D World. 3D World has its own set of items and enemies, whereas the other styles share almost every items and foes. Changing a course to 3D World will always reset everything, as 3D World works very differently from the other styles.

Super Mario 3D World has the power-up to turn Mario into Cat Mario, a major feature from the 3D World game. Where there is a Cat Mario, there is also a Cat Bowser boss that players can include. There are also Clear Pipes, which are pipes that you can see through.

There are Crates in Super Mario 3D World, which can be used as platforms to get over lava or water. Warp Boxes, which are block that can teleport the player to a new location, are also available in 3D World. The blocks with exclamations points on them are also exclusive to the 3D World style courses. Exclamation Blocks extend every time you hit them.

Piranha Creepers are special Piranha’s in 3D World. They extend from their pipes, and go in a determine path. Koopa Troopers can drive a car in 3D World. Mario can drive these cars if he is able to get rid of the Koopa Trooper that was in the car originally. Charuaarch is a special enemy found exclusively in 3D World. Charuaarch is a monster made out of lava, and he can come out of normal lava to attack Mario.


Classic Mario enemies, Boom Boom and Pom Pom, are both in Super Mario Maker 2. However Pom Pom is exclusive to the Super Mario 3D World style courses.

The Nintendo Direct also goes into the story mode and online options for Super Mario Maker 2. Read our coverage for story and online modes for the game.

At the end of the Nintendo Direct, they revealed that Super Mario Maker 2 is slated to be release on June 28. You can either buy the normal retail price of 59.99 USD to only get the game, or you can spend 69.99 USD to get the game and a year of Nintendo Online subscription.


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