Mordhau Players Glitch Through Map to Arrive on Character Select Screen to Troll Other Players

Mordhau Map Glitch

Mordhau players are finding no end to discover ways to push the game and having as much fun as possible. What we have for you today is a mixture of both. Players in the game have learned a sneaky way of glitching through the map to go beyond the traditional game's parameters and make their off-site where they can stand in front of the character screen, and troll other players.

Here's an example a player shared of a random lute-player showing up on their screen while they were on the Contraband map, which players can only choose on local game modes.

How did this come about?

In Mordhau, whenever players are picking a character to play before a match, they receive a background that reflects the map they're about to enter. Some may have thought this was a separate area, away from the game. However, as players discovered, this was actually happening elsewhere, and the character select screen was viewing the map from far away.

There's a Reddit post and video of how to do it, shown here by u/MiZiikE. For those interested in trying it themselves, follow the steps in the video, and you'll probably fail your first few tries. There's a lot of precise movement and ladder positioning.

Regardless, you can only use the method to troll other players. You cannot attack anyone when you're outside of the mode.

It's unknown when the developers are going to fix this glitch. Given that players cannot attack one another while outside of the map, it may not be a huge priority.

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