Just Cause Movie Coming From John Wick Creator

Just Cause Movie Coming From John Wick Creator

Just a few hours ago we reported about PlayStation Productions being set up to allow Sony to build movies and tv shows out of its most appreciated games.

The first tv show based on Sony's IP is set to be Twisted Metal, a choice that will leave some of you disappointed since, well, it's not God of War nor The Last of Us.

Anyway, it looks like Sony is not the only one in gaming working in the field of entertainment since more and more games are getting movie adaptions lately.

The last one which has joined the party is Just Cause, as a movie project is being started right as we speak.

Constantin Film is creating the film in cooperation with Derek Kolstad, the creator of John Wick, as a writer.

Robert Kulzer (Resident Evil) from Constantin Films and Prime Universe Films’ Adrian Askarieh (Hitman) will serve as the producers.

As for what you should expect, bear in mind Constantin is the company which has worked on Resident Evil tie-ins, which have been hugely acclaimed by the public.

We don't know which of the fourth Just Cause will serve as a base for the movie, but the story overall is about Rico Rodriguez fighting against dictators maneuvered by the organization known as The Black Hand.


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