Sony Worldwide Studios Reveal PS4 Exclusives Key Success Factor

Sony Worldwide Studios Reveal PS4 Exclusives Key Success Factor

Sony Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden has shared one of the key factors for the success of PS4 exclusives.

PlayStation 4 games have been on top of this generation for what matters the quality of stories and gameplay, which means a lot for titles tailored for single-player fans.

At the Collision conference in Toronto, Layden has discussed how Sony has achieved to obtain such big results, like with unreleased games like The Last of Us Part II or those that have already been launched such as God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

"We empower our development studios to constantly push the boundaries of gaming and give them opportunities to experiment and explore," he said.

"We encourage them to take risks. We enable a culture that learns from mistakes and failures. As leaders, we encourage developers to act fearlessly and share new ideas. We try to be approachable, available, and responsive."

So, while it could look trivial, we get how this mindset has been behind all the success PS4 games from WWS have achieved thus far.

Publishers like Microsoft have been focused on franchises for a while and fundamentally on the things that have made them so popular and what people wanted, without trying to push any boundaries on them.

Hopefully, things are changing on that side, too, with Phil Spencer at the helm and new studios acquired, but this gen we must admit Sony has been one step forward on this topic.


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