GOG is Delisting Telltale Games' Catalog From Their Online Store

GOG Delisting Telltale Games from Store

GOG has moved forward with the decision to remove all of Telltale Games' games from their online store. You have until Monday, May 27, to grab any of the games on there before they go away.

The announcement was made on GOG's forums by a member of the staff. You can read the statement here. Here are the games that are getting pulled: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Hector: Badge of Carnage, the Batman Series, the Wolf Among Us, Sam & Max series, Tales from the Borderlands, Puzzle Agent series, and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.

If you want to grab any of these titles before they're gone, you have until the weekend is finished to do so. While the games are getting removed from GOG's online store, those who purchase the games should have access to them well after the fact. You do not lose the ability to play the game after they go away.

Telltale Games' more significant titles, such as the Walking Dead series, Jurassic Park, Monkey Island, and Back to the Future were removed back in November 2018. This sudden removal happened due to the company's closure amid the development of the Walking Dead: The Final Season, which was set to wrap up the series. The Epic Games Store gathered what was left of the Telltale Games studio and recreated it into Skybound Games. Shortly after, Skybound Games picked up The Walking Dead: The Final Season and proceeded to wrap up development.

For those waiting to still hold off on purchasing any of the Telltale Games, you'll still have the ability to purchase them from the Steam store. Valve has not released a statement of if, or when, they plan to remove any Telltale Games series from their store. 

You have over the weekend to make your decision. On Monday, May 27, GOG will remove the remaining Telltale Games titles.

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