Dr. Mario World is available now for iOS and Android devices

Image via Nintendo

Dr. Mario World, the latest mobile game from the minds of Nintendo, has just released a day early on iOS and Android devices.

The game, a spinoff of the classic puzzle series, is currently available to download on all mobile devices ahead of schedule. The game was expected to be released tomorrow.

Despite being based on the Dr. Mario puzzle games, the game feels more like a Candy Crush clone than a spiritual successor to the genre. Like with previous game's you still need to eliminate all the viruses on the screen to pass a level, but it feels bland and unoriginal compared to what we expect to see from Nintendo.

In order to play levels, players need to have at least one heart, which is gained automatically as time passes. Players can purchase hearts though to play more levels to skip the wait time if they wish.

There are also multiple different characters that can be unlocked and activated with more expected to be released over time. There is even a multiplayer mode if you wish to challenge your friends.

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