Bad Juju Is Back In Destiny 2, And We Now Know How To Start The Quest

Destiny 2

Update: This article was originally called "And Nobody Knows How To Start It", but we now know exactly how to start it. It's not even a tough quest, although it is somewhat grindy! To find out how, head over to our Bad Juju quest guide!

Original Story: Bad Juju is back. For evidence, I present the triumph that mentions the weapon, and Tess Eververse selling an Ornament for it. The bad news is, nobody is quite sure how to start the quest yet. People are hard at work trying to figure out exactly how to kick off the search for the Bad Juju. Will it be a random drop from an Exotic Engram? Perhaps a quest like the Whisper of the Worm that only comes round every couple of weeks? Or will it be a more traditional quest like the Lumina? At the moment, nobody knows.

The Bad Juju is another returning weapon from the first Destiny and is quite the dapper Pulse Rifle. As far as if it is worth having, I always felt it was a fun weapon, but it is hard to know how it will stack up in Destiny 2 until I get my hands on it. The main strength was the old String of Curses perk, which instantly reloaded the weapon after kills, making it a bit of a PvP monster in the hands of those who could string those precision hits together. 

It is also highly likely that the weapon is tied to Calus in some way, as they mention it in one of his related triumphs. For now, all we can do is keep an eye out for any changes, however small, in the world of Destiny 2 while we are playing. 

I'd also suggest you go and check out the Ornaments for it that Tess has on offer, they are very nice, and potentially pretty tempting if you want to hedge your bets that you will be able to get Bad Juju soon.

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