Microsoft Has Just Filed A Patent For Mobile Detachable Controller

Microsoft Has Just Filed A Patent For Mobile Detachable Controller

We know Microsoft is going big on Project xCloud, it's cloud gaming effort that faces the other streaming giant entering the video games business, Google Stadia. One of the issues of playing on mobile devices is the input method or the way you control the game. That could change in the future, though.

Microsoft is aware of this issue and is not trying to make you play, say, Forza Horizon 4 with touch controls. While you're going to be able to do that, thanks to UI changing based on the title and your preferences, there will be something more in the future, it seems.

The platform owner has indeed registered a brand new patent for a "charging device for removable input modules," which works similarly to Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons, detachable controllers that go on top of the touch-based device like your smartphone.

At the time being, you still have a chance to play using your Xbox One controller. This current setup stands as the best solution available and remains that for a long time. But sure enough, Microsoft is exploring the possibility of doing something more for the mobile market.

We've yet to learn about compatible devices for Project xCloud. However, Microsoft has said a few times that it plans to start with Android and then try to reach as many mobile platforms as possible. Google Stadia is instead supporting only Pixel 3 smartphones at launch in Nov.

xCloud goes to public preview status in Oct. On that occasion, players will have access to their Xbox One as a data center, so they have minimal latency issues, at least in theory.

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