New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon Action

Pokemon Sword and Shield

A new Japanese trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield has arrived, showing off the new features and new Pokemon. Gigantamaxing takes center stage, with lots of scenes of trainers calling in their enormous Pokemon friends to battle.

We also get to see a little more of newly revealed Pokemon, like Yamper and Alcremie. The trailer doesn't show any new surprises, but it is nice to see more footage of Gigantamaxing, which is shaping up to be a vital feature of the latest games.

The run-up to release has not been without controversy, as fans have so far been disappointed with the game's lack of a national Pokedex, the quality of some textures, and what some see as pretty underwhelming animations for some Pokemon. A stepped-up marketing blitz might be on the cards to help counter some of the negativity heading the game's way at the moment. 

Nintendo also recently announced a Sword and Shield themed Nintendo Switch Lite model that would be available for purchase at the start of November. The Switch Lite launches on Sept 20, and provides a smaller, more portability focused experience, but you need to wait until November to get your hands on the Pokemon-themed version. These feature Legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield will release for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite on Nov 15. You can buy both versions bundled together if you need to catch them all. 

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