Resident Evil 5 and 6 for the Nintendo Switch Releases on October 29

Resident 5 and 6 Nintendo Switch October 29

During E3 2019, Nintendo announced they were bringing Resident Evil 5 and to the Nintendo Switch. Now, we have an official date of October 29. Here's the trailer from the E3 2019 announcement during Nintendo's conference.

Resident Evil 5 comes with couch co-op play, or players can use Nintendo's online service to play with a friend wirelessly. Both games include all DLC for their respective titles.

There's going to be a mode called No Mercy, which combines the four-player The Mercenaries and The Mercenaries Reunion game modes that initially released for Resident Evil 5. This game mode has four players attempting to acquire as many points as possible within a set time. They can increase by doing specific things during their playthrough. 

Up to four players can play through the entirety of Resident Evil 6. Beyond the single-player mode, there's the Survivor game where up to six players fight against one another. Everyone can compete against each other, or select players can team up to try and defeat their opponents. The different game modes for Resident Evil 6 multiplayer include Predator and Onslaught. The former is five players battling another player who becomes the Ustanak, a massive zombie with enhanced powers intent on killing the other players. In Onslaught, two players attempt to survive waves of zombies. These players compete against each other, and when one player kills 30 zombies, those zombies go over to their opponent's side to cause more trouble. The one with the highest score, or survives, wins.

The games cost 29.99. You can pick them up from Nintendo's eShop, or you can pick them up in a bundle that includes Resident Evil 4, called Resident Evil Triple Pack. The Triple Pack costs $59.99, and it releases on October 29, the same day Resident Evil 5 and are available.

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