PlayStation VR 2 Patents Suggest $250 Cost, Wireless, 5 Hours Of Battery Life

PlayStation VR 2 Patents Suggest $250 Cost, Wireless, 5 Hours Of Battery Life

We've shared several times over the last few months about PlayStation VR about a second release for the virtual reality headset by Sony.

While it doesn't look imminent in terms of release, Sony is doing its research. It wants to figure out what the next iteration of the VR device will be in the future. One more patent, as reported by GamesRadar+, clearly shows that. 

As recently discovered, a series of patents and trademarks display how Sony is working on a PS5 equivalent of the current PlayStation VR. It may want to bring the VR headset to the same range of the next generation machine instead of merely taking advantage of the additional power of the console.

This new model may release at the cost of $250 in the United States, which makes it much cheaper in comparison to the original. The new model would feature eye and head tracking technology and may be capable of wireless gameplay with up to five hours of battery life.

As for the specifics, this device would come equipped with a 560-by-1,440 resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate, and a 220-degree field of view. While these specs don't tell us much about what it could be like, sure enough, the price Sony is aiming for is a hint. It wants to make the device more readily available for consumers and not as top-notch as the competitors at HTC Vive and Steam Index.

However, Sony doesn't plan on releasing a PlayStation VR 2 at the launch of PS5 next year. So it may take a while before we get to see it hitting the market.

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