PS5 Rumored To Be 4 Times Faster Than PS4 Pro

PS5 Rumored To Be 4 Times Faster Than PS4 Pro

We've yet to learn all the details about the much-anticipated PS5. Despite having learned more about it, we still do not know much about the overall hardware. Until we wait for 2020's full reveal and release, we have time and room for some speculation.

There's speculation coming from a German website ComputerBase. They conducted some tests to find out the difference in raw power between the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the upcoming PlayStation 5.

The test features a comparison between Navi and Polaris based GPU. The first being at the base of the architecture in PlayStation 5 and the second serving the same purpose in the current generation machine. The GPU got selected from those different families, respectively the RX 5700 and RX 590.

Both cards run at 1.5GHz and come with 2304 shading units. They used games like Metro Exodus, Battlefield 5, Hitman 2, and more, as benchmarks. The results, shared on ResetEra, reveal that the Navi based GPU performed 40 percent better than the Polaris based GPU. These hints that PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett are coming with at least 40 percent more IPC than the current-gen consoles.

Now, we get a bit off track with speculation, even though this is not taking into account CPU (which has always been a bottleneck for console gaming) and other components. The Navi based PlayStation 5 could run at around 10.5 TFlops, which would be about 350 percent more powerful than PlayStation 4 Pro and approximately 800 percent more than the base PlayStation 4.

The Navi machine could perform with a 14.7 TFlops Polaris GPU. This strength in teraflops doesn't exist in the Polaris line since AMD jumped directly to Vega for more powerful cards. Simplifying a lot, that means the PS5 could perform similarly to a 14.7 TFlops PS4 Pro - if that existed.

As shared by fans over on ResetEra, those numbers could change about 10-20 percent based on the final specs of Sony and Microsoft's new consoles. But this gives you an idea about how powerful they are going to be when they launch in 2020.

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