Yogscast Investigating "Historical Claims" Against Sjin

Paul Sjin Sykes

The Yogscast name is suffering. With two recent sexual harassment scandals in the last month, it’s understandable that they’re taking any accusation seriously, including ones from three years ago. 

In a Reddit post, cofounder Lewis Brindly stated:

“Following your emails - we’re looking into some historical claims against Sjin and I’ve asked him to step away from main channel streams in the meantime. As I’ve said before, we are trying to do the right thing and take these claims seriously and would rather everybody didn’t jump to conclusions.”

The “historical claims against Sjin” are difficult to pin down. These are nothing but claims so far, and nothing has been verified. The events in question are from 2016. At the bare minimum, Sjin is accused of flirting with several fans on social media, sending and receiving pictures. It seems some of the fans may have been underage at the time.

As of right now, these are claims made against him from 2016. There are many stories from Tumblr regarding it, but it is difficult to weed out the truth. A Tumblr post from his then-girlfriend, Minty, confirmed that he was exchanging flirtatious messages and images with fans, but her posts do not verify the ages of the fans in question. 

At the time, no one in the Yogscast family did any internal investigation. The recent events, however, seem to have made them take these kinds of accusations and claims seriously and are now investigating. 

Nothing has been confirmed about the accuracy of the 2016 claims against him. We will see what Yogscast determines in this situation. 

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