The GTA 5 Diamond Casino & Resort Opens on July 23

GTA 5 Diamond Casino & Resort July 23

Rockstar Games have announced the opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort for GTA 5. The new place of business makes its grand opening on July 23, as announced from their official Twitter account.

You can read their official tweet below, and you can check out their brief trailer showing casing the grand establishment.

Major hints regarding the opening of the Vinewood casino have gone on for years now. For the past few weeks, players have been becoming increasingly more curious as Rockstar appeared ready to open the location, at long last. With the official date shared, players only have a short week to wait until they can begin diving into the grand casino.

Rockstar created an entire webpage devoted to sharing information about The Diamond. You can check that out here and explore it at your leisure. There are two forms of membership available, the standard one and the VIP. Players who choose to go with the VIP membership are going to have access to an exclusive penthouse located at the casino.

The penthouse is going to be the big draw of the update. From here, players are going to have access to series of brand new co-op missions, alongside the numerous rooms players can freely decorate. The co-op missions are going to center around keeping the patrons of the establishment safe from aggressive, equally wealthy Texans. When players complete all of the missions, they receive an exclusive vehicle for their hard work, but Rockstar has not detailed what it is, yet.

Players are going to need to use chips instead of their traditional GTA 5 money as currency at the establishment. These chips give players access to exclusive clubs played at the club, such as three-card poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and horse racing. Additionally, players are going to have the chance to play a game called the Lucky Wheel. It's what it sounds like, where players spin the wheel and try to win a random prize. These prizes include GTA 5 money, chips, clothing, and a random, high-end car. Players are going to need to check back to the wheel each week to see the new prizes available to them.

Make sure to jump into GTA 5 on July 23 to check out the opening of the Diamond Casino, and get started on those co-op missions.

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