Belle Delphine Banned From Instagram

image of the Gamer Girl Bath Water product

Earlier this month, Belle Delphine made a splash by selling the now-infamous Gamer Girl Bath Water. Fans of hers bought it. When it went viral, others bought it for the meme or purely for science. Following the success of that bathwater, she sold an entire tub of it for ten thousand dollars. 

If anyone hoped she'd lose the internet's attention after that, they were sorely mistaken - although Instagram looks like they have an opinion on the matter. As reported by Dextero, Belle Delphine's Instagram was removed for violating Instagram's terms and conditions. Following her fame, or rather infamy, her account received mass reports for nudity and pornography.

Having done the articles on her last week, and researching her Instagram. As a result, the images were certainly lewd. Pornographic? Not really. I've seen worse on Instagram. 

The ban is the apparent result of a reporting campaign, as suggested by Business Insider. Users teamed up to mass report the influencer's account, which also is confirmed by a Reddit post where many references reporting her around the same time.

There has been some activity on her sparse Twitter, but nothing referencing the ban. She may be able to contest the ban, or it could be temporary. 

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