All Tickets For Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama Have Been Claimed

Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama Tickets

Pokémon Go has announced that all their tickets for the Go Fest in Yokohama have been claimed.

Pokémon Go Fests are four-day events for Pokémon Go players that allow them to interact and play the game together. There was a Go Fest at Chicago’s Grant Park that started on June 13 and ended on June 16.

At Chicago’s Go Fest, players can hang out with thousands of other players to capture Pokémon in the game. Players are also able to do special challenges and earn rewards during the Fest. Players will also have the chance to conduct Special Research during the Go Fest.

Attendees of the Pokémon Go Fest can accomplish specific tasks during the event. If they succeed at the tasks, Niantic will release a rare Pokémon out in the wild for all Pokémon Go players to encounter and try to capture.

There will be another Pokémon Go Fest for Yokohama, Japan. Last month, players could enter into a drawing to get tickets for Go Fest Yokohama. The drawing closed on June 27.

According to Pokémon Go on Twitter, they reveal that all tickets for Go Fest Yokohama have been claimed.

The first day of Pokémon Go Fest Yokohama is August 6, and the final day will be August 12.

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