Blizzard Reveals Sigma, Overwatch's New Gravity-Bending Hero

Overwatch’s newest hero was announced today, confirming some fan theories that came about in a recent wave of speculation. As predicted, the latest hero is named Sigma and wields the power of gravity.

A new trailer released by Blizzard shows Sigma as an astrophysicist obsessed with understanding the fundamental nature of the universe until his experiments leave him hospitalized and somehow grant him power over gravity. It also leaves him haunted by a mysterious melody, which plays throughout the trailer. Sigma may have stumbled upon a deeper truth that drove him mad, or there is a possibility that he made contact with something that’s steering him toward its own ends, as Blizzard says that he’s “unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon.” Sigma will join Talon, the primary antagonist of the Overwatch story, along with heroes such as Moira and Widowmaker.

The trailer shows a brief glimpse of what appears to be Sigma’s in-game appearance, where he’s wearing an imposing suit of power armor and summons two floating spheres into existence. His appearance definitely makes him look like a tank, and it’s easy to imagine how his gravity warping powers might be used to deflect projectiles, capture enemies, or even help teammates move around the map. His powers also seem to be at least partially based on music, as he’s shown moving his hand like an orchestra conductor as a short melody plays before summoning the spheres in the trailer. What’s not clear is whether that will play into how his abilities function in any tangible way or influence his backstory.

Sigma was first hinted at last week, with a teaser that referenced based gravity and music, and his name appeared in a later tweet. Overwatch’s last hero, Baptiste, was unveiled just a short time before being released in the game, so Sigma will likely be showing up soon, but Blizzard hasn’t commented on his debut yet.

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