Death Stranding Players Will Shed "Tears", According To Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding Players Will Shed "Tears"

Hideo Kojima took to Twitter as he usually does to inform us about what he's doing and, most importantly, what he's doing on Death Stranding. In case you missed it, the game is releasing on November 8, 2019, so it's very close to launching on PS4.

The latest update from the game designer and director is that he has worked over the last few hours to wrap the Japanese voiceover up, and one particular has slipped off from his tweet about the matter that perhaps Metal Gear fans will love.

Kojima said that the scene the team at Kojima Productions has voiced over today has been very "emotional" and has seen many at the studio shed a tear for some reason. Spoiler: they didn't because of the Brazilian commercial that has ripped their game off.

At this stage, if we recall correctly, we have not been looked at particularly tearful moments in trailers, although characters always have tears going down on their faces due to the chiral allergy, a phenomenon internal to the world of Death Stranding where characters can 'feel' their enemies are close.

"We did a voice-over recording session for the Japanese version of DS today," said Kojima in one of his latest tweets, as you can see below. "It was a super emotional scene with tears. Thanks for your great performance, Kenbo, and Kikuko-san."

Hopefully, that drama will be intact in the Western version of the title, which will most certainly come with English-only dub as we've been used by previous Kojima's games and subs in local languages. As said, Death Stranding is coming November 8, 2019: are you ready?

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