How To Quickly Finish The Aggravated Battery Bounty In Destiny 2

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Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes is underway, and Eva wants us to celebrate how awesome we are by killing a whole lot of stuff. I mean, as Guardians it is just what we do, it just feels odd to have a nice grandmother-like figure asking us to do it. Either way, some high-value targets have to die, so this guide will show you how to do it quickly.

How To Quickly Finish The Aggravated Battery Bounty

Aggravated Bounty

The most crucial part to this bounty is to make sure you have an Arc subclass equipped. Without it, no kills on high-value targets will count towards the bounty.

High-value targets can spawn in a lot of the game's playable areas, and for the sake of the Aggravated Battery bounty, you need to take out three of them. These guys are pretty tough, so if you are new to the game, then thread softly. They are yellow-bar enemies, referred to as Majors, and they have a lot of health, and do a lot of damage. When you are in an area, and one spawns, a message will appear on your screen telling you that "a high-value target is nearby."

After that, search the area until you spot them. Take them out, and they will drop a loot box that you can get some gear from. The easiest spot to farm a high-value target is actually at the Exodus Black spawn point on Nessus. The Despoiler Captain will spawn here, and he will spawn quite regularly. When you spawn in, just head to the right of the spawn point, this is his usual patrol area. 

If he isn't there, reload into the instance a few times using the spawn point, waiting a minute or two to see if he shows up. Instance-jumping is a good way to land on a server where he is about to spawn, rather than just waiting a long time for him to show up. Catch him three times, and the Aggravated Battery Bounty will be complete.

Something to keep in mind is that you only get kill credit if you damage him, you don't get it just for being in the area when he dies. As such, be a good Guardian, don't just nuke him if there are other Guardians in the area. Give people a chance to get some damage into the high-value target so that they can get their kill credit for the bounty as well.

And that's it; this should help you get the Aggravated Battery bounty finished up in no time.

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