Shadow Ralts Added to Pokemon Go

Shadow Ralts

Team Go Rocket is still lurking around those Poké Stops with their odd, manipulated Shadow Pokémon at their sides. It looks like Trainers weren’t the only ones catching Ralts over the weekend as Team Go Rocket now has Shadow Ralts in their line up.

A Twitter post from Serebii, a screenshot shows Ralts with the typical Shadow Pokémon effects. The Ralts line, primarily Psychic and Fairy types, join the available Shadow Pokémon list, bringing the total up to 24, as Serebii's page notes.

This update follows the Shadow Pokémon update and the Ralts Community Day from the previous week. The entire Ralts line includes Kirlia, Gardevoir, and if male, Gallade. They are known for powerful Psychic moves and in Gardevoir’s case, became a powerhouse of special attacks with its Psychic and Fairy typing. 

Team Go Rocket likes to hang out around Poké Stops and upon defeat, much like a raid boss, gives players the chance to catch their Shadow Pokémon. Shadow Pokémon are weak thanks to Rocket’s experiments, but upon purification, will grow stronger. 

Hopefully, Trainers will still have plenty of Ralts candy available thanks to the previous Community Day to purify and evolve their new Shadow Ralts.

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