No Man's Sky's Sean Murray "Secretly Doing" New "Stuff"

No Man's Sky's Sean Murray "Secretly Doing" New "Stuff"

Sean Murray is one of the most brilliant, creative minds in the industry. He's spent a lot of time in the dark recently due to the controversy linked to the disappointing launch of No Man's Sky a few years ago. So we're all interested in finding out what he's going to do next, once Hello Games starts its next journey.

Speaking to IGN, Murray said that he is working on some secret "stuff" in his "spare time." Despite the current focus of the British studio still is No Man's Sky. The game is releasing its most significant and perhaps most crucial update called Beyond on August 14.

Murray said, "we're actually now a little bit in that transition period where I'm secretly doing stuff in my spare time as well." Though he instantly wanted to point out that "No Man's Sky is the main thing we're doing." Knowing the person, we're quite sure his next venture will be something ambitious.

In a previous interview, he had already explained that "we're also starting on something new – which is big, ambitious, and silly. But we're still a very small team," which is likely referring to the same project. Looking at that, it could be something as big as No Man's Sky.

Talking about No Man's Sky Beyond, the newest expansion is releasing next week and is introducing a proper multiplayer experience in the vein of Destiny, where you'll even get to walk across a space hub and have fun with your in-game friends. You can read more about that here.

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